€ 799.- - 879,-


1 - 4


Each week from mid of October to end of April.

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How to arrive:

By car via Nürnberg to Zwiesel, see map.
5 km out of Zwiesel you our Huskyfarm.

By train via Nürnberg or München to Plattling and on to Zwiesel, there we will meet you.



Scope of services:

  • 5 days activity
  • breakfast and food
  • transports
  • script
  • guide, speaks english, french and perfect bavarian
  • dogs, sleds and equipment

not included:

  • drinks
  • trip to house Waldschrat
  • clothes

bring with you:
  • all weather clothes
  • boots with useful sole
  • cap
  • gloves
  • love to animals
  • teamwork


Sleddogschool - 6 days seminar
advanced training

you will build up to a 6 dog team musher



Sunday: You´ll arrive at 18°° o´clock, if you come by train, we will meet you.

Monday: Theoretical Introduction, first short sleddogtrip.

Tuesday - Friday: Daily trips from 1 - 4 hours, depending on snow conditions, theoretical background to all parts of dogmushing.

Saturday: after breakfast end of the seminar.

waldschrat´s sleddogschool

advanced training