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House Waldschrat

Far to the south-east of Germany, near to the border of the Czech Republic you will find one of the largest wood mountains of Europe.
In the center of this lovely mountains there is the little town of Zwiesel, well known for its world famous glass factories. Our Kennel is some kilometers away in a wonderful clearing. It´s a quiet place, some hundred meters away from the road. The home of 50 Alaskan Huskies, some sheeps, rabbits and cats.
It´s a good place for all kind of winter activities, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing and last but not least sleddogging.
26 Years ago we have founded the first sleddogschool of Germany.
We offer sleddogseminars from midoctober until end of april.
You can choose from a 2 days weekend to a weeklong training and, if you are fascinated, you can build up your knowledge in a week more.
In summer we offer dogsledrides and workshops in the early morning hours.

House Waldschrat in the winter

Enjoy the evening of a fascinating day in Waldschrat´s home.
Enjoy homey evenings
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Thomas, the Waldschrat

Enjoy our site and excuse, we have not translated all, but be sure to be welcome at our home!


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By car:
Leave autoroute at Deggendorf and follow the street B11 to "Regen" and further on to "Zwiesel". Ignore the first depart to Zwiesel (at the right you see ALDI and gasstatin ARAL) and continue some hundred meters until a bridge appears. Short after that bridge leave to the right and follow signs to "Flanitz" (nice avenue of birches). Cross the village and countinue straight ahead downwards to a railroad, cross it and you will find yourself at a road, which you cross. turn left (it´s a cycleway) and just after turn to the right in a forest path. Follow this gravelroad for two hundred meters an yióu will find a iron gate. Welcome - please enter!

Attention navigation systems (GPS):
It´s possible the GPS will not found the right number of our farm!

Our co-ordinates:
N 49°00,232´
E 013°17,050´
Altitude 604 m

By plane:
Airport Munchen, after take the train to "Plattling" and on to "Zwiesel", where we will catch you.

By train:
Via Nuremberg or Munchen take the train to " Plattling".There take the little train (called "Waldbahn" to "Zwiesel", where we will catch you.

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